On strange habits

"Can you please stop pacing back and forth? It’s seriously making me dizzy." 

That’s my mom’s constant complaint when she sees me traipsing around the house aimlessly. In reality, there’s an underlying meaning behind my doing so. I’m usually wont to pace around when I’m in deep thoughtit’s an absurd habit of mine actually.

Sometimes I’m so engrossed in my thoughts, that I don’t notice how I’m already trotting around. Case in point, I’m in the bathroom at one moment, and the next, I’m suddenly in the kitchen, and I’m absolutely incognizant of how I got there and why.

Sometimes, I do this two-fingers-on-the-chin pose while pacing and I swear I could come off as someone contemplating a murder, an evil scheme or something vile, when I’m actually just reflecting on the profoundness of life and thinking of simple things like what to blog about. 

Anyway, my parents confronted me about my “strange habit” and I told them the real reason behind why I pace a lot.

Mom answered me this:

 "Well, I applaud you, anak. You should constantly be in deep thought. It will help you to exercise."